These larger size paintings give an idea of the range of subject of the designs created by Giorgione. They are found listed in private collections of the time and being quite large were usually displayed in the portego – the grand rooms on the ground and upper floor of the Palazzo. The 1496 Birth of Paris belonged to Taddeo Contarini. The picture of Saint George – with reflections – is a reconstruction based on the descriptions of the painting found in Pino’s Dialogo…1548, and Vasari’s Le Vite…1568 – the famous Paragone which was probably painted in 1496. The enigmatic Allegory of the Double Trumpet and the Self Portrait are based on two small engravings made by Marcantonio Raimondi, as are the Dido and the Lucretia, which judging by their inscriptions were both designed as large wall frescoes. The Judith is from Toinette Larcher’s beautiful print of 1729, made long before the surviving original was damaged. The Venus & Cupid and the Sleeping Venus are two fine examples of Giorgione’s more sensual art. The Adulteress, the Christ Carrying the Cross, the Tribute Money and Saint Margaret and the Dragon were made to be displayed in the private chapel or Church.

The Adulteress

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Allegory of the Double Trumpet The Adulteress The Birth of Paris Christ Carrying the Cross