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The highlighted links are pages consisting of short essays about the related painting or subject, with illustrations, under the headings: Lost? Workshop plundered? Legacy plundered? Unrecognized? Misunderstood?

Picture Gallery
Studiolo: These smaller paintings are typical of work produced for private collectors to be displayed in the studiolo.

Portraits: The paintings here range from formal state portraits to those of friends and colleagues, historical portraits and several self–portraits.

Portego: These paintings and designs give an idea of the range of subject of the bigger canvases created by Giorgione. Some were listed in private collections; others were made for display in churches.

Venetian music of around 1500 and specifically the role of Giorgione as a singer/musician/composer are examined. The popular lute song, known generically as the frottola, is presented with recorded musical examples and facsimile illustrations of printed and manuscript sources.