After 500 years, many works by Giorgione are lost, but numerous engravings made of the missing works allow us to reconstruct some of what has been lost.
Una nocte,
Gypsy and the Soldier, Rape of Europa, Dreams, Birth of Paris, Allegory, The Adulteress, Christ Carrying the Cross.

The greatest Venetian artist, with a prolific output according to Vasari, catches the plague and dies in a matter of days. What happens to the unfinished and just completed commissions and collaborations? His collaborators and workshop assistants may know.
Palma, Sebastiano, Titian
...and others

From the middle of the 19th century, when the discipline of art history began to supercede connoisseurship, many works traditionally given to Giorgione have been reattributed to his followers. The overturning of traditional attributions has eroded his stature by vastly reducing his catalogue to the point of implausibility.

Concert Pitti,
Venus Dresden, Pastoral Dresden, Concert Louvre, Adulteress Glasgow, Solomon Kingston Lacy
...and more

In the great galleries of the world hang the portraits of many unknown men and women. Their clothes tell us they must have lived around 1500. But a little digging reveals their identities, Venetians and famous visitors to Venice, painted by the greatest portraitist of the day.
Pietro Bembo,
Carlo Bembo, Bernardo Bembo, Marin Sanudo, Caterina Cornaro, Giorgio Cornaro, Giovanni Cornaro, Taddeo Contarini, Maria Vendramin, Gabriel Vendramin, Bartolomeo D'Alviano, Girolamo Pesaro, Alfonso d’Este, Lucrezia Borgia, Francesco Gonzaga, Elizabetta Gonzaga, Emilia Pio, Jacopo Sannazaro, Leonardo da Vinci, Morto da Feltro, Erasmus, Gonzalo de Cordoba, Giovanni Sforza, ...and many more

Even those works still attributed to Giorgione have been misunderstood. But a look at contemporary events and immersion in the classic texts and literature rolling off the Venetian press in his time can solve many mysteries.
Sannazaro, Bembo, Petrarch, Plato, Aristole, Virgil, Ovid, Lucretius, Plotinus.